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Core Beliefs

The College of New Jersey affirms the following Core Beliefs as
fundamental to its Mission:

  1. The College comprises a caring, friendly, and respectful community where the contributions of students, faculty, staff and alumni are valued and recognized.
  2. The College provides a seamless, engaging educational environment characterized by academic freedom, creative expressions, critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, and service learning.
  3. The College’s faculty and staff take pride in offering a personal educational experience to every undergraduate and graduate student.
  4. The College’s cultural, social, and intellectual life are enriched and
    enlivened by diversity.
  5. The College provides facilities, programs, services, and amenities that enhance opportunities for formal and informal interaction in a living-learning environment.
  6. The College promotes wellness and fosters the development of the whole person.
  7. The College embraces its heritage and is committed to reevaluating its mission in response to the changing needs of society.
  8. The College prepares its students to be successful, ethical, and visionary leaders in a multicultural, highly technological, and increasingly global world.
  9. The College believes that an educated individual possesses an understanding of his or her own culture, an appreciation of other cultures, and the capacity to facilitate genuine cross-cultural interaction.
  10. The College regards education in the service of human welfare as its
    chief end.