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TCNJ offers options for students from the University of the Arts and Delaware College of Art and Design

The College of New Jersey is saddened by the sudden closing of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and Delaware College of Art and Design. We recognize the incredible disruption and distress this causes to students and their families, and are here to help.

The college has options to assist students in ensuring continuity in their studies and helping them finish their degrees on time. TCNJ is well known for its personalized approach to education and will work with students to move forward after this difficult and unexpected change. 

TCNJ’s School of the Arts and Communication aims to transform lives and communities by fostering creativity, connections, and careers. TCNJ offers high-quality and accredited arts, design and music programs, dedicated faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. Our innovative curriculum empowers creatives to achieve career success while making a difference in their communities.

Our vibrant School of the Arts and Communication offers programs in the following areas:

  • fine arts
  • photo and video
  • graphic design
  • digital filmmaking and television
  • music, music performance, and music education
  • interactive multimedia (including game design, animation, music technology and digital fabrication)
  • art education 

TCNJ is committed to offering a smooth and seamless transition for students and will review transcripts to determine transfer credit generously and immediately. The application deadline to apply to TCNJ has been extended to July 1 for University of the Arts and Delaware College of Art and Design students. In addition, TCNJ will waive the application fee. To take advantage of this offer or to learn more, please contact Brian Switay at or schedule an appointment with him.