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TCNJ named to Phi Theta Kappa honor roll for efforts to welcome transfer students

The College of New Jersey continues to garner accolades for efforts to recruit and welcome transfer students to the campus community.

The college, which saw a 24 percent increase in transfer applications for the fall 2024 semester, was recently named to the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Roll, which recognizes excellence in the development and support of dynamic and innovative pathways for community college transfer students.

The American Association of Community Colleges recognizes Phi Theta Kappa as the official honor society for two-year colleges.

“Earning this distinction is something TCNJ has been striving for, and we are thrilled to be recognized by Phi Theta Kappa’s honor roll for the first time,” said Brian Switay, assistant director of admissions. “We have worked with various departments and partners across our campus to enhance the transfer process and set up an environment where transfer students can come in and thrive.”

The Phi Theta Kappa honor roll is determined by 40 key metrics related to the support and success of transfer students, including college cost and financial aid, campus life for transfers, admission practices, and bachelor’s degree completion.

“The goal of most students attending community college is earning a bachelor’s degree, but few do because of financial barriers and the complexity of the transfer process,” said Lynn Tincher-Ladner, president and CEO of Phi Theta Kappa. “We are proud to recognize the exceptional colleges and universities that go above and beyond to create accessible pathways to bachelor’s degree completion for community college transfer students.”

TCNJ sets transfer students up for success in a number of ways including the Griffins program, where an incoming student is connected to a current student who had previously transferred as well.

The college also provides academic advising and an orientation day specifically for transfer students.

“We put a lot of thought and effort into making the transition process as smooth as possible,” Switay said. “We work together across campus to ensure the best possible experience for students who don’t begin their college journey at TCNJ.”

TCNJ also was recently recognized as the top institution in New Jersey — and among the best in the nation — for its graduation rate for students transferring from community colleges.

For more information on TCNJ’s transfer process, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Applicants website.